The history of the house

Who was Johann Jakob Adolph? What was the Adler called in the past, and how long has it been in the family? If you are interested in our exciting past, find out more here!

A traditional business in the 4th generation

Excerpt from an article in "DAS MARKGRÄFLERLAND"
Volume 10 Issue 3/4 in December 1939

"It is no longer possible to say with certainty when the thirsty revelers began to feast in the "REALGASTWIRTSCHAFT ZUM ADLER".
In 1750, the inn was purchased by the chain smith Jakob Grether. Sebastian Müller, the landlord of the "Zum goldenen Ochsen", was probably the previous owner. It was not until 1823 that the tradition resumed.

In January of that year, the brothers Johann Georg and Michael Grether sold the inn to the previous tenant Johann Jakob Adolf for 1800 guilders.
On 19 May 1842, the house passed by purchase to his son Jakob, on 1 August 1895, following his death, to the Ochsenwirt Georg Friedrich Hollweger from Tegernau, and in February 1899 to his son, the baker Wilhelm Hollweger, who ran the business until 1933. Since then it has been leased out. It is remarkable that this is the smallest inn in Schopfheim".

The GASTHAUS ADLER has been "hosted" by our family (already the 4th generation) since 1935 and became family property in 1950 when Georg Ludwig, a native of Utting am Ammersee, and his wife Gertrud, née Schmidt, bought it.

In the past, the Adler was also called "Kleiner Adler" or "Krummer Balken" by locals. Due to numerous extensions and conversions, the ADLER has long since ceased to be the smallest pub in Schopfheim.

Hotel Gasthaus Adler in Schopfheim
Hotel Gasthaus Adler in Schopfheim