Celebrate & Meet

Your birthday, your wedding, your party: we have the right venue and make your celebration a carefree package.

Hotel Gasthaus Adler in Schopfheim

Family celebrations

Birthday, christening or wedding party... you have a reason to celebrate, we offer you the perfect opportunity to do so.

You will be accompanied by our team from the planning to the celebration. We also always react flexibly and courteously to additional wishes that can be implemented.

Hotel Gasthaus Adler in Schopfheim

Company parties

Is your company planning a Christmas or anniversary party?

We adapt individually to your occasion, whether in a small group at a beautiful table in our restaurant or in a somewhat larger style in our Mühlrad adjoining room.

Hotel Gasthaus Adler in Schopfheim

Seminars & Conferences

Our Mühlrad room offers an excellent opportunity for meetings, seminars or workshops.

The room is equipped with a beamer, a moderator wall and a flipchart. During the breaks, we will spoil you with our food and beverages.

Hotel Gasthaus Adler in Schopfheim


Our Mühlradblick room is the perfect complement to our restaurant and bowling alley.

In the morning, our beautiful adjoining room serves as a breakfast room and the rest of the time, celebrations of all kinds are accommodated here.

Hotel Gasthaus Adler in Schopfheim

Planning aid

To ensure that your celebration runs smoothly, we will be happy to help you with the planning.

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have. Simply make an appointment for a personal conversation or a phone call.